The Healthy Way to Lose Weight: Are You Sure Want to Go Diet Without Exercising?

Diet is the most common thing advised by the expert in the field of diet and nutrition for a client who wants to lose weight. Moreover, they try to convince you, as a client, that their diet program is the best solution for losing weight. They also have evidence which prove that their solution works. Usually the have some testimonials which has photograph of their ex-client who has done this diet program and gain success.
It looks even better when you see the math, the plan, the target which seems so easy to be achieved. You might say those whole plan will make you lose lots of weight and give you the body you always want. Then you started to imagine how you will look like after taking this whole diet program. Finally you decide to follow this diet program.

As time goes by, you realize that this program makes you to eat unhealthy food. You, yourself do not even see the changes in your body. By the end of the day you get disappointed and frustrated because seeing the result. This fact makes you eat more.

This whole stuff is an unhealthy way to lose weight. The point is you have to eat healthy food if you want to stay health. Moreover, you do not even have to drink the medicine to lose weight.

The real healthy way to lose weight is combining the exercise and the proportional diet. How to do that? That is a very good question. Let me explain.

Exercising is the key to get a beautiful body. It helps you lose weight because it burn calories. There is no such a highway to lose weight. It needs time. It requires effort from your self. It is not instant. You have many options today when people even dance for burn calories. You can join a salsa dancing club and move your body while listening to the salsa music. You will burn fat while moving your body. You can also join an aerobic class in the gym. If you do not want to spend money, simply run every morning.

Then, it is time to organize your meal. The healthy diet makes you eat in a small portion frequently. The main idea of this program is to keep your stomach full. So, you will never fell hungry. This program enables you to control your eating habit.

So, combine those two points to achieve the real healthy way to lose weight.


Morning workouts have their advantages. Exercising shortly after dawn gets your fitness out of the way; wakes you up better than a cup of coffee; and offers less distractions that might draw you away from your fitness plan. But like any workout regimen, it can be hard to stick to, especially after a late night. Implement various tips, tricks and strategies to help your morning workout work for you and maximize your sunrise fitness potential.
1. Drink water before starting. Your body is likely dehydrated, especially after sleeping for six to eight hours without food or liquid. Exercising before replenishing your water reserves can leave you feeling excessively tired, sore and groggy. Drink a couple glasses of crisp water right after rolling out of bed to help jumpstart your system for your morning exercises.

2. Skip the coffee. Medical researchers debate the health benefits of caffeine. Until the research is settled, skip the cup of Joe, which may act as a potential diuretic. You’ll feel perky and alert after a few exercise sets, anyway.

3. Stretch your body. It’s a great way to reinvigorate your body after lying in bed for hours, releves tension, lowers the risk of injury and primes you for a good workout.

4. Head outside if the weather allows. There’s nothing more invigorating than stepping out into a brisk morning. It can be a great way to mix in the outdoors instead of staying in a dark house. You can even incorporate it into your regular morning chores, such as walking the dog.

5. Pump up the jams while pumping the iron. Your brain might still be a little foggy in the morning. Beat away the urge to go back to bed with some loud music beats from your favorite band or musical group on a CD player, iPod or MP3 device. Remember to choose something with a good tempo. Her voice may be beautiful, but Enya’s greatest hits rarely make a good workout playlist.

6. Call up a friend if you need extra motivation. It can be an excellent way to bond closer with a neighbor or friend, especially if you are doing a social morning workout like walking around the neighborhood. Think of it as your accountability partner. You’re far more likely to roll out of bed and pull on the running shorts if you know someone is waiting for you.

7. Track your progress. Watching the muscle gains or the weight loss can be exilerating and encourage you forward. Various computer programs, both offline and online, offer workout journals. An old-fashioned pen and paper works, too.

8. Get lots of sleep beforehand. Don’t make getting up in the morning harder than it already may be. An added bonus for insomniacs: Early morning workouts may help keep your internal biological clock in rhythm, helping you sleep faster and deeper.

9. Fuel up after your workout with a healthy mixture of complex carbs and protein.You can try out supplements such as instant knockout if you are on a tight deadline. This helps restock your body’s energy reserves and keeps you full longer than sugary cereals. Whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast after working out in the morning.

10. Don’t worry too much about the length of the workout. If you have a busy work day ahead of you, waking up earlier to fit in a few more minutes of exercise may not be the best option. Instead, incorporate more fitness into the rest of your day. For example, park further from your office building, and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Little steps can help make big gains in your personal health.

The Wii Fit, an Effective and Enjoyable Workout

Are you someone who works out often and gets bored with the same workouts? Or do you workout often and just like to try new ways to keep in shape?
Are you someone who needs to workout but don’t have the motivation? Have you tried lots of things and the motivation quickly wanes?

The Wii Fit might be an answer for some of these dilemmas.

I am someone who has worked out a lot off and on over the years. Sometimes consistently and sometimes sporadically. Last year I began running seriously and even ran a half marathon. I love running and will probably keep with it for a very long time. But I like to find fun ways to cross train and strength train and for Christmas my husband bought our family a Wii Fit. The Wii Fit is a fabulous, entertaining way to workout.

I love it and use it often. I feel like a kid with a new toy who could spend hours playing.

You can be at any level of fitness when starting to use the Wii Fit. If you are pretty sedentary then begin slowly and work your way up to more demanding exercises and games. If you are already in pretty good shape you will quickly be able to move into more challenging games.

Kids can have a great time with the Wii Fit too. I have three children ages eight to thirteen and they have enjoyed a variety of the games.

I don’t know about the accuracy for the weight and the Body Mass Index (BMI), but I have experienced consistency with my own weight and BMI. I know the numbers are going down when I am losing weight. At least it gives you a measuring tool to see your progress.

Example: If you are overweight when you start and over your healthy BMI it tells you this and helps you set a goal for where you would like to be in 2 weeks*, 1 month, or longer. It reminds you that losing weight should be gradual so that you can maintain your weight loss. It also keeps track of the time you work out.

I have had sore muscles from some of the activities and this shows me that even people who are in pretty good shape can benefit from the Wii Fit. Like any workout program you get out of it what you put into it. You can play a lot of the games with little effort and you will not get a workout, but if you give it all you’ve got you will have fun and get a workout.

So far I have only been working out with the Wii Fit game that came with the Wii FitBalance Board. I’m looking forward to trying some of the new games that come out for this gaming/physical fitness system. I heard a rumor from a friend that Nintendo is trying to get hand weights that will work with the Wii Fit. I hope so because it will add effectiveness to an already wonderful workout tool.

Hopefully if you get a chance to try the Wii Fit you will experience the same kind of health benefits and enjoyment that I have.


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